Replacing the standard router antenna with a more powerful one

The improved Wi-Fi antenna will help increase the range of the home network, the ratio of which varies with the highest value (5-8 dB). This method is only suitable for owners of routers with external (replaceable) antennas. It should also be remembered that if the router model assumes the simultaneous presence of two (or three) antennas, everything should be replaced. To ensure a stable signal, do not place antennas in different rooms (they should be located nearby).

If the router is distinguished by the presence of only a built-in antenna that cannot be replaced, then to improve the signal and increase the range of Wi-Fi coverage, manufacturers recommend changing the location of the antennas, spreading them in different directions (up and to the side).

Install the wifi repeater

A repeater (or repeater) is a special receiving and transmitting device whose main purpose is to increase the coverage area of ​​a wireless router by completely repeating, amplifying and forwarding all received signals. This gadget is easy to use. It is usually installed between the signal source (router or modem) and the computer by directly connecting to a conventional electrical outlet. To configure the device you only need to know the name (SSID) and password of the network you are using.

Acquisition of a 5 GHz range router

Because Advanced phone boosters for Colombia wireless communication is now installed in almost every apartment, home network frequencies often overlap, which leads to overloading the same channel. Sources of additional interference can also be used as household appliances (microwave ovens, cordless telephones, video surveillance systems, etc.), which, like most routers, operate at 2.4 GHz. Therefore, buying a router capable of signaling in the 5 GHz band can solve this problem. This range is almost always free of various interference because it does not intersect with channels using the 2.4 GHz frequency, its range extends over a large area, providing channels free from other networks (about 44). But the transition to this range is possible only when other devices. By using the above effective methods, you can significantly increase the speed of home Internet via Wi-Fi, and you do not have to buy expensive gadgets. All you need to do is study the router settings carefully or use additional inexpensive devices.